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November 15, 2017

Scientists Outline Advanced Testing Standards to Assess Electrolyte Replenishment Needs

New research into electrolyte replenishment shows that the one-size-fits-all rule may not be the right way to go. Medical practitioners must conduct specialized tests to assess the exact individual requirements of each athlete. Next, they must devise a customized program with the right balance of electrolytes so athletes can maintain performance levels on the field.

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New Research Warns Bodybuilders of the Dangers of a Low-Fat Diet

Athletes typically focus on a low-fat diet in an attempt to build muscle mass. However, researchers now warn that a body fat percentage of 8% to 5% can result in serious physical and mental ailments. Above all, bodybuilders might find it hard to build and maintain bulk due to the catabolism that occurs in the presence of inadequate fat and other nutrients.

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Scientists Unveil The Secret For College Football Success – Optimum Nutrition

Research shows that athletes playing high-intensity sports like college football may want to focus on optimum nutrition to maximize performance and develop that all-important edge over the competition. They might want to eat meals that include high levels of carbohydrates and low fat that may weigh down the stomach during the game.

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Ginkgo Biloba – The Must-Have Wonder Bodybuilding Supplement

Taking bodybuilding supplements is no doubt essential for boosting muscle mass and endurance. But, these chemicals can have side effects if used on a long-term basis. A more advisable option is to substitute them with natural compounds that can provide the same positives such as gingko biloba.

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Importance of Timed Nutrition Plans for Best Bodybuilding Results

In addition to balancing food groups carefully to build muscle mass and stamina, bodybuilders must adopt timed nutrition plans where they consume meals and supplements at specific times before their workout schedules. This strategy gives their bodies adequate time to digest the nutrition so that they have the energy to perform during the workouts.